8 New Gentlemen-Only Championships

Heart of America DanceSport Championships is a great competition for Gentlemen competitors and this year will be even better. We've added 8 new Gentlemen-only championships for 2019. 

In addition, we're proud to be featured on gentlemendancesport.com, a website created by Jennifer Corey:

"Through the years I have watched the gentlemen competitors' field grow throughout the U.S., and the quality of the dancing continues to improve in leaps and bounds. The quality of the male dancer/athlete has continued to improve artistically and technically; thanks in part to dedicated and talented lady instructors and coaches." - Jennifer Corey

We agree 100%
We'd like to give big thanks to all the great Gentlemen competitors and their amazing instructors.

We hope to see you later this year at the 46th Heart of America Dancesport Championships! August 7-10, 2019

Eric Hudson & Michelle Haley Hudson

Shane Meuwissen