Rules & Eligibility 

* Heart of America Dancesport Championships is part of the NDCA and adheres to NDCA rules/regulations. The NDCA occasionally updates their rules & regulations. Please follow the NDCA for up-to-date changes. Click here to check for an up-to-date rulebook.


In Single Dance and Multi-Dance Championships, a student may dance their age plus challenge a lower age (2). 

Closed Categories (Bronze, Silver & Gold):

The NDCA syllabus is used for all closed categories. A student may only enter two dance levels.  Example: If you are entered in Bronze, you may dance all Bronze & Silver levels, but may not enter Gold or Gold Star.

Novice Bronze Level is open to students who have been dancing for less than 1 year.


DCT Newcomer Scholarships

"Dancers Cup Tour Newcomer Scholarships" are open to students who have NEVER competed before.  Students are welcome to enter and compete in the DCT Newcomer Scholarships for ONE YEAR after their first competition. 


Pro/Am Scholarships:

A student may enter only 1 age level in each style


Closed Scholarships: To qualify for these events, the student must dance the same dances, levels and ages in single dance events (Bronze or Silver). These events are Closed to Bronze or Silver material.  A student may enter only in the highest level of their single dances and only one age level.  A student may dance both the "C" and "SR" ages. 

Open Scholarships: These events are open to all.  To enter, you must dance the same number of single dance events.  A student may dance both the "C" and "SR" ages.

Juvenile & Pre-Teen Clothing Restrictions

Juvenile & Pre-Teen (11 & under) competitors are restricted in their costuming as per the NDCA rule book.  For more information, visit